Question: What Does I’M In Two Minds About It Mean?

Is like mindedness a word?

like′-mind′ed adj.

having a similar or identical opinion, disposition, etc..

What does let your hair down mean?

old-fashioned informal. to allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself: Oh let your hair down for once!

What is the meaning of mediocre minds?

Mediocre thinking is a self-induced hypnosis wherein you rationalize your inability as a consequence of external circumstances. You can have a Mediocre Positive or a Mediocre Negative thinking individual and both are equally harmful in their respective zone. Life is experienced on the periphery and seems rather meh.

Is caught in two minds?

to be unable to decide about something: I was in two minds whether or not to come this morning. Want to learn more?

What does like minds mean?

: having a like disposition or purpose : of the same mind or habit of thought.

Does not be of two minds?

Be brave and do not be of two minds. Because it will remain with you a long time and you will receive joy and happiness.”

How tight is your belt meaning?

phrase. If you have to tighten your belt, you have to spend less money and manage without things because you have less money than you used to have. Clearly, if you are spending more than your income, you’ll need to tighten your belt. See full dictionary entry for belt. Quick word challenge.

What is another word for like minded?

What is another word for like-minded?congenialcompatiblekindlypleasantpleasingsociablecompanionableconvivialfriendlygenial198 more rows

What does having two minds mean?

: not decided or certain about something : having two opinions or ideas about something I can’t make up my mind where to take my vacation: I’m of two minds about where to go. I’m of two minds about (hiring) him: he seems well-qualified, but he doesn’t have much experience.

What was in two minds crossword clue?

in two mindsHESITATEWas in two mindsWAVEREDBe in two minds (6)39 more rows

Are you in two minds about doing something?

If you are in two minds, you are uncertain about what to do, especially when you have to choose between two courses of action. The expression of two minds is also used, especially in American English. Roche was in two minds whether to make the trip to Oslo.