Question: What Is The Main Theme Of The BFG?

What is a Trogglehumper?


Definition: An absolutely frightful dream.

For a nightmare that is truly horrific, the word “trogglehumper” sums it up.

It’s a wonderful word to describe those dreams where you jump awake, and search the house wide-eyed for the monsters that lurk in the dark..

What does the BFG call Sophie?

Description. Sophie appears in Roald Dahl’s much-loved story, The BFG, first published in 1982. She is “kidsnatched” from her bedroom at the orphanage where she lives by The Big Friendly Giant (or The BFG, for short) after spotting him through her window one night.

What age group is BFG for?

Book InformationISBN:9780141365428Pagination:224 pagesSuitable for:5+ readers, 7+ readersGenres:Family / Home Stories, HumorousRecommendations:eBooks4 more rows•Sep 6, 2007

How old is the giant in BFG?

In the film, a 10-year-old orphaned girl named Sophie befriends a benevolent giant dubbed the “Big Friendly Giant”, who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world….The BFG (2016 film)The BFGBox office$195.2 million16 more rows

What does BFG stand for?

The BFG is a fictional weapon found in many video games, mostly in first-person shooter series such as Doom and Quake. The abbreviation BFG stands for “Big Fucking Gun” as described in Tom Hall’s original Doom design document and in the user manual of Doom II: Hell on Earth.

Will there be a BFG 2?

A sequel is in no way guaranteed. Despite all of the talent and prestige behind the film, the decision to make a follow-up film depends largely on how it does financially, and the movie has some fierce competition.

What did the BFG do with the bad dreams?

The BFG points out that giants sleep very little compared to humans. He decides to take advantage of the giants’ nap, and gives the Fleshlumpeater the terrible dream they just caught. The Fleshlumpeater jumps up and tumbles around as he has the nightmare, while Sophie and the BFG watch from a safe distance.

What does the BFG do with his Trogglehumper?

“Trogglehumpers are worse than nightmares”, the BFG bellows to Sophie in a dark, dark voice. So instead of blowing the horrific dream into a peacefully sleeping child’s mind, he gives the trogglehumper to the tallest, meanest, grumpiest giant in all of Giant Country-the Fleshlumpeater.

What is the lesson in the BFG?

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right. Or, as the BFG would say, “two rights don’t equal a left.” The BFG objects to the violent way that his fellow giants treat humans, but that doesn’t mean he’s about to go and treat them violently in exchange.

What does the BFG hear with?

“The BFG,” he said, “can hear the tread of a ladybug’s footsteps as she walks across a leaf. He can hear the whispering of ants as they scurry around in the soil talking to one another. He can hear the sudden shrill cry of pain a tree gives out when a woodman cuts into it with an ax.

How old is the BFG character?

While the other giants are off eating humans, the BFG is giving dreams to little kids. The BFG is hundreds of years old and only sleeps for 2-3 hours a day, he wears very common clothes.

Why do the Giants in BFG hate water?

The BFG gets his own back on the Giants by telling them rain will strike, and as the Giants are deeply afraid of water, because its something even they cannot control, the Giants are all scared off into hiding.

What is the summary of the BFG?

Ten-year-old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance). Naturally scared at first, the young girl soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth is actually quite gentle and charming. As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all.The BFG/Film synopsis

What is the setting of the BFG?

At the start of The BFG, the setting is Sophie’s orphanage in England, where one night she discovers a giant sneaking through the streets. … Finally, Sophie and the BFG head to Buckingham Palace, to get help from the Queen of England, and ultimately, the BFG lives in a castle and Sophie lives in a cottage next door.

Why was the BFG banned?

Even though the plot of the book involves ridding the world of people-eating giants, The BFG frequently lands on banned lists for its depiction of cannibalism.

Why does the BFG take Sophie?

So if he wasn’t looking for a snack, why did the Big Friendly Giant kidnap Sophie? Simple enough: because she saw him. He’s pretty scared of the human world finding out about giants and putting him in a zoo. … Like how the BFG found her when she was hiding in bed.

What happens at the end of the BFG book?

The story ends with the mission to capture the giants being successful: All flesh-eating giants are imprisoned in a deep pit. In addition, the queen has a large house built for the BFG and a cottage built for Sophie. Sophie remains with the BFG, who becomes her new adoptive family member.

Why do you like the BFG?

One of my favorites is when the BFG discusses the senselessness of violence, the way humans frequently kill each other but other species rarely do. It also teaches kindness, compassion, empathy, and emphasizes celebrating and loving our differences. This story sure packs a powerful punch!